The AACI and Texas A&M University

The AACI and Texas A&M University School of Law, Fort Worth, TX, look forward to additional collaboration, cooperation, and the development of our innovative project leading toward becoming the world leader in corruption prevention with the Certified Anti-Corruption Executive (CACE) credential. This is a world changing executive development experience, the only one dedicated to real world solutions to the prevention of corruption in the first place, - not just fighting corruption.

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Election Fraud 1 #Shorts

In memory of the Rt. Hon. Bruce George. Bruce was a visionary and one of the best anti-corruption talents who supported The American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI) from day one and served as a member of the board of advisors. 

The full hour-long interview with Rt. Hon. Bruce George can be found at Bruce was an exceptional election fraud expert and British politician who served in the UK parliament for more than 36 years.Rt. Hon. Bruce George was a member of The AACI board of advisors.

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